Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Were Were Liars - E. Lockhart

Title: We Were Liars - E. Lockhart
Publisher: Hot Key Books
Series: N/A
Service: Own
Release Date: 15/05/2014
Pages: 240
Format: Paperback


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We are the Liars.

We are beautiful, privileged and live a life of carefree luxury.

We are cracked and broken.

A tale of tragedy.

Which are lies?

Which is truth?

Give us a few words…

Why do you say that?

'We were liars' is stunning tale of lies and masks and the truth coming out. There was a lot of hype surrounding this book and I was drawn into seeing what it was all about and I do not regret it one bit!

E. Lockhart sets up a family who are proud to belong to the name Sinclair. It is easy to see why when you lay out the money, possessions and summer homes on an island that also belong to that surname. It seems so ideal that at first you may feel a pang of jealousy and want to belong to such a family. And then things begin to change.

The story is told from the point of view of the oldest Sinclair grandchild, Cadence, and revolves around her two cousins in similar age, Johnny and Mirren, and their friend Gat. Lockhart writes about idyllic summers where the four, christened 'the liars', enjoy each others company and bask in all the luxury around them. But as they grow up they become more aware of the family's in fights and that things are not always as perfect as they make out.

The book is split into five parts and part one moved a little slowly for me. However I am glad I persevered as the pace picks up as we progress through the story. 

The unraveling of the Sinclair family was done in spectacular fashion. After the defining incident has occurred we, and Cadence, are left to piece together the story slowly. The conclusion of what happened was something I honestly did not see coming and yet I found it so fitting and a fulfilling ending. Lockhart executed her plot with perfection and I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes a good plot twist.

Memorable Quote

"Silence is a protective coating over pain."

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Book Chat (#1) - Book Jealousy

Book jealousy is something, I believe, that no avid reader is exempt from. Let me set the scene for you. You begin to read a book. You begin to click with the characters and invest time in the plot. You may even go on to bury yourself deeper in the fandom. This book is something you love and is at the top of your favourites list. It spoke to you in a way that not many other books have… AND THEN you see someone else reading your book and are overcome with a rage so strong you feel that you may rival The Hulk.

My friend, you have book jealousy. 

Watching other people reading a book you adore can often make you feel uncomfortable and for me that boils down to a few things. Usually I have gained something from the plot, some type of message, or I have found parts of myself in the characters. When someone else starts to read that book I think I freak out because I don't want someone to have a different opinion. I'm worried if they don't enjoy it they will make fun, and like a bear and her cub, I will have no control over how I react. 

But in all seriousness, I think when I get book jealous it is simply because I am scared. Different opinions and different views that conflict with my own may start to take the shine off something I love.

However, I think it is beneficial to be a bit more open. Rather than freaking out that people who don't usually read are reading a book and it becoming more popular, should we celebrate it? The more popular a book becomes the more likely we are to have discussions on it. We may even potentially see it progress to a film or TV series as was the case with TFIOS and Game of Thrones.

Overall, I don't think that book jealousy is a bad thing. I think it's wonderful being so passionate about books that we get protective over them. I just think we should be more open to giving others the chance at doing that as well.

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Soulmates - Holly Bourne

Title: Soulmates - Holly Bourne
Publisher: Usbourne Publishing
Series: N/A
Service: Own
Release Date: 01/09/2013
Pages: 544
Format: Paperback


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Every so often, two people are who are the perfect matches for each other. Soulmates. But while the odds of this happening are about as likely as being struck by lightning, when these people do meet and fall in love… thunderstorms, lightning strikes and lashings of rain are only the beginning of their problems.

Enter Poppy, the 17 year old cynic with a serious addiction to banana milk, and Noah, the heart-throb guitarist; residents of mediocre Middletown, sometime students, and… soulmates.

After a chance meeting at a local band night, Poppy and Noah find themselves swept up in a whirlwind romance unlike anything they've ever experienced before. But with a secret international agency preparing to separate them, a trail of destruction rumbling in their wake, (and a looming psychology coursework deadline), they are left with an impossible choice between the end of the world, or a life without love...

Give me one word…
Why do you say that?

'Soulmates' by Holly Bourne is an interesting book with some intriguing concepts. Delving into the relationship of two teenagers, Poppy and Noah, whilst looking into the science of it all, I thought this would be my type of book. 

Poppy is a seventeen year old cynic. She has flat out decided that the male species is pretty useless and uninteresting and will hold off until she becomes nineteen. I fully accepted this but felt there was no real reason behind her cynicism and so I struggled to click with Poppy right at the start. However I did love Bourne's description of Poppy's panic attacks. As someone who suffers from anxiety and panic attacks I felt that it was true and it gave another dimension to the character as well.

As the book goes on and Poppy meets Noah she begins to soften. A love at first sight that she refuses herself and I am thankful she did. It stay true to her character that regardless of how strong her feeling were for him she was not about to swoon into his arms the first time he asks her on a date. One thing I adored about this book was Poppy's character growth. Surrounded by a supportive group of friends (perhaps, minus Ruth) she changes gradually and became more likeable in my opinion. 

Noah is a guitarist who first sees and meets Poppy at a band night and falls for her there and then. He can come across quite cocky but it was very interesting to see bouts of vulnerability and insecurity from him once he starts a relationship with Poppy. I almost wish Bourne had written some chapters from his point of view. 

I enjoyed the majority of this book. The growth of two teenagers as they enter a relationship. The general good feelings about reading about two people so in love. And the input that every feels the need to have when they know that their friend/family is in a relationship.

However I had some issues with the twist in this story. I love a good plot twist especially if it involves science but this just felt a little rushed to me. What was explained was good but I wanted more detail and more back story on Dr Anita Beaumont and Rain. It was a good concept but I was disappointed by the execution of it.

Overall I had some mixed feeling with this book. I'm looking forward to the release of Holly Bourne's next book to see if I will find it more fulfilling.

Memorable Quote
And I know we're only seventeen and we're supposed to be kissing the frogs before we get to the prince and all that bollocks, but boys are just such… hard work.