All reviews are my own writing and have not been influenced by anyone else. Although I may not like every book I will try my best to be positive.

On the off chance that someone wishes to send me a book to review it will be clearly stated. All of my reviews are honest and I will not be giving any biased reviews of books. For those who do wish to send me something please check the criteria below before emailing me. Review requests that are sent and do not fit with the criteria below will be ignored.

I accept:

  • YA fiction
  • Adult fiction
  • Of the above, any genre
I won't accept:
  • Inappropriate/explicit material
  • Non fiction
  • Series books if I have not read any beforehand

I am also willing to do:
  • Author interviews
  • Give aways
  • Cover reveals
If you are interested in contacting me please send me an email. Any comments on these pages will be deleted.

Please take note that it will take between 3-4 weeks maximum for me to read and review.