Sunday, 6 October 2013

Part Time Job Vs University

I recently decided to not take on a part time job. For me, this is a rather big decision since I have held a weekend/part time job since the age of 16.

When I first got a job it was a massive push from my parents. I was not so bothered about working and more worried about the fact that I would be losing my weekends. It was my free time to revise and spend time with friends and now the majority of that time would be spent doing something that would not be as fun. However I quickly realised that earning money gave me some independence. I wasn’t going to my parents and asking them for money because I had my own. This was more beneficial when I passed my driving test and got a car.

 I have held a number of different jobs, from fashion retail to personal care. The latter was definitely the most difficult but also the most rewarding. That being said, I guess that every job has its pros and cons.

Jobs have also brought me a range of different experiences, including being able to handle an owl. 

The reason I am choosing not to find a job this year is because this is my final year in university. Now, I know a lot of people will say ‘Well it’s all about time management. If you really wanted to you could hold down a job and your education.’ True. If you look at the past few years I have been able to do that. But for me, this year is too important to be stretching myself thin.

My timetable has a lot of free time but all that is dedicated to lab work. And on the odd occasion, like this weekend, that I am on top of all my assignments and lecture notes I would like to be able to just sit back and spend time with my family and friends.

So yes, I know some people might think that the decision to not have a job is a bit of a cop out but not every individual is the same. I would rather focus on my academic career this year because there will be plenty of time for a job in the future.

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