Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Book Chat (#2) - Struggle To Re-Read

Ever since I was young I would devour books. I got used to my family gifting me picture books, and then novels, and now gift vouchers for book shops. And because of this I always had a new book nearby to reach for. 

My issue was never with what to read next but more so those books I really enjoyed because I struggle we re-reading…

So many of my friends will enjoy a book and be able to re-read it a few months later but whenever I try this I end up putting it down after struggling to get to the halfway point. It honestly takes me a year or two before I am able to re-read a book and fall in love with it again even if I loved it the first time around!

I love opening the pages of a book for the first time and being shocked at every plot twist, learning about every character and finally seeing how everything is concluded. And I think my struggle comes from never being able to recreate these feelings to the extent I felt them the first time. On my second read and beyond I feel like I am beginning to anticipate events. I leave a long gap for re-reading so that I can forget a lot of what happened in the pages.

Do you struggle to re-read? How long does it take you to pick up a familiar book?

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