Tuesday, 1 April 2014

March Wrap Up

Hello everyone! I’ll be the first to admit that March has not been the most riveting month for me. The majority of the past 31 days has revolved solely around university.

Dissertation drafts. Drafting my dissertation was possibly the most stressful portion of this month. Trying to get it all down on paper was much more difficult than I originally imagined. To anyone who is looking at a dissertation next year, my advice is to start as early as you can.

Dissertation presentation. Amongst writing out a dissertation, I was required to give a presentation on my project to half of my course mates and the teaching staff in our college. I think mine went quite well as a few lecturers stopped me afterwards to say I had done well.

Assignments. The worst assignment I have ever had to complete was done this month. Constructing a Wikipedia page certainly wasn’t my cup of tea and I much rather would have written an essay. I’m not exactly having high hopes for that piece of work considering it was handed in two hours before the deadline.

Dissertation deadline. I officially handed in my finished dissertation on March 26th after getting it back from being bound. I have never felt so relieved and tired in my life. I have pretty much been sleeping ever since but honestly I need to get back to work now or I’ll have no chance at passing my exams.

Mother’s Day. The only trip I have taken this month is to Cardiff. Sai and I spoiled my Mum but taking her out to Jamie’s Italian and have a girly shopping day. It was nice to just spend time with her before the exam stress kicks in and over delicious food was an absolute bonus.


·      Severed Heads Broken Hearts – Robyn Schneider
·      Rivers of London – Ben Aaranovitch
·      Larby Lodge – G. P. Gallacher

Currently reading:

Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. Set in the future, the world is in crisis and everyone escapes by logging into a virtual reality called ‘The OASIS’. When the creator of the game dies a video is released informing everyone that whoever can solve the puzzles and throughout the game will inherit his fortune. The catch? James Halliday, the creator, was obsessed with the 80’s. This book takes us on a journey through 80’s nostalgia and the need to beat the game.

Forgive me Leonard Peacock by Matthew Quick. Leonard Peacock is 18 and has decided that he no longer wants to live. Carrying an old Nazi handgun in his bagpack, Leonard has it all planned out. But before he can kill himself and Asher Beal, Leornard wants to gift the four people in his life who he loves with something special.

Slated by Teri Terry. Kyla is one of the Slated. Her memory has been erased and her personality removed. Kyla can’t remember a thing because the government believe her to be a terrorist.

According to Goodreads I’ve read 11 out of 50 books and I am 1 book behind scheduled. I’m sure that’s going to grow thanks to exam season.

Hope you’ve all had a better month than mine!

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