Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Wishlist Wednesday (#2)

If you could be mine - Sara Farzian

Publisher: Algoquin Young Readers
Pages: 247
Publication date: July 1st 2013

Goodreads Blurb: In this stunning debut, a young Iranian American writer pulls back the curtain on one of the most hidden corners of a much talked about culture.

Seventeen year old Sahar has been in love with her best friend, Nasrin, since they were six. They've shared stolen kisses and romantic promises. But Iran is a dangerous place for two girls in love - Sahar and Nasrin could be beaten, imprisoned, even executed if their relationship came to light.

So they carry on in secret - until Nasrin's parents announce that they've arranged for her marriage. Nasrin tries to persuade Sahar that they can go on as they have been, only now with the comforts provided by the decent, well to do doctor Nasrin will marry. But Sahar dreams of loving Nasrin exclusively - and openly.

Then Sahar discovers what seems like the perfect solution. In Iran, homosexuality may be a crime, but to be a man trapped in a woman's body is seen as nature's mistake, and sex reassignment is legal and accessible. As a man, Sahar could be the one to marry Nasrin. Sahar will never be able to lobe the one she wants, in the body she wants to be loved in, without risking her life. Is saving her love worth sacrificing her true self?

Why I want to read it: I adore books that tackle cultural and religious aspects. I think I am even more interested in this book because cultural and religious aspects strike close to home. I am very interested to see how the plot plans out and whether or not things turn out alright in the end. I am currently on a hunt to find some more books like this.

Since you asked - Maurene Goo

Publisher: Scholastic Press
Pages: 262
Publication date: June 25th 2013

Goodreads Blurb: No, no one asked, but Holly Kim will tell you what she thinks anyway.

Fifteen year old Holly Kim is the copyeditor for her high school's newspaper. When she accidentally submits an article that rips everyone to shreds, she gets her own column and rants her way through the school year. Can she survive homecoming, mean girl cliques, jocks, secret admirers, Valentine's Day, and other high school embarrassments, all while struggling to balance her family's traditional Korean values?

In this hilarious debut, Maurene Goo takes a fresh look at trying to fit in without conforming to what's considered 'normal' in high school and how to manage parental expectations without losing one's individuality… or being driven insane.

Why I want to read it: If there is anything I remember from comprehensive school, it is just how much gossip gets spread around. I spent five years in a colossal game of chinese whispers that I did not opt into and could not opt out of.I guess this sort of ties in with the book above because once again it has to do with a clash of cultures. On top of that, reading about high school drama is always much better than being involved in it. I'm kind of hoping that this has a bit of a 'Mean Girls' vibe to it. If it does I'm sure it will be an enjoyable read.

The dollhouse asylum - Mary Gray

Publisher: Spencer Hill Press
Pages: 296
Publication date: October 22nd 2013

Goodreads Blurb: A virus that had once been contained has returned, and soon no place will be left untouched by its destruction. But when Cheyenne wakes up in Elysian Fields - a subdivision cut off from the world and its monster-creating virus - she is thrilled to have a chance at survival.

At first, Elysian Fields, with its beautiful houses and manicured lawns, is perfect. Teo Richardson, the older man who stole Cheyenne's heart, built it so they could be together. But when Teo tells Cheyenne there are tests that she and seven other couples must pass to be worthy of salvation, Cheyenne begins to question the perfection of his world.

The people they were before are gone. Cheyenne is now 'Persephone' and each couple has been renamed to reflect they most tragic romances ever told. Everyone is fighting to pass the test, to remain in Elysian Fields. Teo dresses them up, tells them when to move and how to act, and in order to pass the set, they must play along.

If they play it right, then they'll be safe.

But it they play it wrong, they'll die.

Why I want to read it: I'm not sure what to expect from this one. I came across it on goodreads but haven't seen any reviews of it on anyone's blog. The plot intrigues me. It feels like there is a manipulative relationship and a play for power. I'm very interested to see how things play out and also if the whole virus epidemic has more than just a background role to the story. I do enjoy books where there is more to people than the perfect life they set out to show the world. If I was Cheyenne I'd be pretty scared of what Teo is capable of.

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