Sunday, 22 December 2013

Let It Snow - Maureen Johnson, John Green, Lauren Myracle

Title: Let It Snow - John Green, Maureen Johnson, Lauren Myracle
Publisher: Penguin UK
Series: N/A
Service: Own
Release Date: 05/09/2013
Pages: 368
Format: Paperback


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Sparkling white snowdrifts, beautiful presents wrapped in ribbons, and multicoloured lights glittering in the night through the falling snow. A Christmas Eve snowstorm transforms one small town in a romantic haven, the kind you see only in movies. Well, kinda. After all, a cold and wet hike from a stranded train through the middle of nowhere would not normally end with a delicious kiss from a charming stranger. And no one would think that a trip to the Waffle House through four feet of snow would lead to love with an old friend. Or that the way back to true love begins with a painfully early morning shift at Starbucks. Thanks to three of today's bestselling teen authors - John Green, Maureen Johnson, and Lauren Myracle - the magic of the holidays shines on these hilarious and charming interconnected tales of love, romance, and breathtaking kisses. 

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I was gifted Let It Snow by my Mum who thought I would enjoy a holiday read. It's a book containing three holiday romances each penned by a different author. The stories are all linked, showcasing characters right from the beginning the whole way through. I really loved this aspect of the book because I felt it was easier to read rather than a compilation of different stories set in different places with entirely different people. 

Overall I thought the book started off strong but got a little weaker towards the end. I think that was more because of the character the last section of the book focuses on. I find it hard to read a book when I cannot connect with a character or when I dislike them. I would recommend Let It Snow for anyone that is looking for something that will fill them with holiday spirit. 

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