Friday, 27 December 2013

Holy Crêpe!: Profiteroles

It is no secret, to anyone who knows me, that I love to bake. So if you stick around you should expect to see the occasional post about when I have been let loose into the kitchen. The most recent trip saw me make profiteroles for the first time.

Click here for the recipe

I had never made any type of pastry before so this really was a first for me. Choux pastry end up looking like a paste and I found that you needed quite a bit of patience when waiting for it to come out of the piping bag.

Learn from my mistakes! Make sure you keep a decent amount of space in between each dollop of pastry on the sheet otherwise the dollops will combine to make a choux pastry monstrosity. Also try and make sure they are uniform in size so that your tower doesn't look lopsided.

The recipe has a lemon filling however I tried to make this and it just turned out wrong. It was thick and dense and I actually broke my piping bag when I tried to fill the pastry with it. So I ditched the recipe at that point at was left with filling-less profiteroles and a hungry family.

After some quick thinking on my Mam's part we ended up filling them with squirty cream. I was slightly over ambitious with how much I could get in a few of them and had cream oozing out of them but that was not a problem. The profiteroles were then dipped in chocolate and put in the fridge to set.

I think we probably left them in there a little too long because when we got them out and tried to pull them apart we did find that they were stuck together and pulling at them was tearing the pastry and leaving cream everywhere.

From start to finish this was a disastrous bake but it had a delicious end result. Let me know if you make these and have more success than I did.

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